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Terms Of Business

We are committed to a policy of fair-trading and we shall make every effort to ensure that you have an enjoyable holiday with us. When you, as lead booker for your party, make a booking with us and we accept it, a legally binding contract is made with you. Your basic responsibility is to pay us the price of your holiday and accept the stated liabilities, should you wish to alter or cancel any of the confirmed arrangements. Our responsibility is to provide you with the holiday you have booked. The terms and conditions below clearly spell out our obligation to you and your commitment to us, please read these and the Essential Booking Information carefully before you make a booking.

Our commitment to you

Providing Your Holiday

When we have received your Holidays Booking Form and non-refundable deposit, we send you a confirmation invoice, detailing exactly what is booked for you. At this stage Jayshin Resort has accepted your booking in accordance with the terms laid down in these booking conditions. Please check your confirmation invoice carefully. You must contact us straightaway if any information appears to be incorrect as it may not be possible to make changes later. We are responsible for providing the holiday we have confirmed to you. If you cancel or alter your booking later on, you may have to pay an amendment charge. We reserve the right to refuse your booking. If we do this, we will refund any money already paid to us.

Occupying / vacating your accommodation

The earliest check-in time is 12Noon. We try to accommodate earlier arrival times but this cannot be guaranteed. In order that our properties are adequately prepared for new arrivals, we must ask you to vacate the apartment / villa by 11AM on the day of your departure. When making your travel arrangements please consider these timings so as to avoid unnecessary hours either waiting to enter your apartment / villa or after leaving your apartment / villa. The latest check-in time is 2PM.When we have received the deposit, we will email you an BOOKING CONFIRMATION showing the balance of the property rental due, the cost of any extras which you have booked (as detailed in Services )

Our Price Guarantee

All villa / apartment prices in this brochure are guaranteed at the time of booking. We do, however, reserve the right to vary the published rates of any optional upgrade 10 weeks before departure.

If We Have To Cancel Your Holiday

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel your holiday through circumstances beyond our control, we shall make every endeavour to offer you suitable alternatives (without any charge to you). If the alternative is not acceptable to you, you should notify us. 'Thereafter, only in such circumstances, the money will not be refunded but credit note can be generated for the year. The above offer will not apply where the cancellation by us arises out of non- payment or late payment on any part of the cost of the holiday, when cancellation charges will apply.

Circumstances Beyond Our Control "Force Majeure"

Jayshin Resort in hall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from any matter outside the reasonable control of the Company, including (but not limited to) Acts of God, War, Acts of Terrorism, Civil Disturbance, Strikes or other Industrial Actions, Acts of Government or failure of public supplies. For example DTH Connections may fail during heavy monsoon. The Company is not responsible for noise or disturbance originating beyond the boundaries of the holiday accommodation or which is beyond the control of the Company. We do not accept liability where the performance / or prompt performance of our contract is affected or prevented by reason of circumstance amounting to force majeure.

Building Works

Many hotels, resorts, apartment / villa complexes in are continuing to develop, sometimes rapidly. General property refurbishment may also go on. If we consider any of this work is likely to affect your holiday enjoyment, we will offer you a discount on the property rental rate. If, however, in our opinion the work will substantially affect your holiday we will offer you an alternative property (refunding the price difference if we move you to a cheaper alternative), or a full refund if you choose to cancel.

Our Liability To You

We are not liable for any claims for emotional or psychiatric injury or distress, loss or damage to your baggage or anything occurring from the results of theft or attempted theft. Our maximum liability in any claims will be limited to the cost of your holiday that you have paid to us not including the deposit. Our obligations, those of our suppliers providing any service or facility, should be to do so with reasonable skill and care. Standards of, for example safety, hygiene quality vary. The services facilities included in your holiday will be deemed to be provided with reasonable skill and care if they comply with any local regulations which, or, if there are no applicable local regulations, if they are reasonable when compared to the local standards customs. If you choose to issue court proceedings against us (subject to your compliance with our complaints procedure) then you must do so within two weeks of your departure. Other than that set out above, as detailed elsewhere in these booking conditions, we shall have no legal liability whatsoever to you for any loss, damage, personal injury or death which you suffer arising directly or indirectly from any aspect of your holiday.

Property safety

We do not claim that any villa or apartment is totally child friendly or safe. Care should always be taken, especially around the pool areas (which are unfenced) with supervision being given to children. We do make efforts to ensure that reasonable care has been taken to address matters within the borders of the properties. Some apartment / villas are better suited than others for young children and the less mobile, so we advise you to fully investigate the suitability of the property before you book. If you have any concerns about the safety of your apartment / villa please contact the local office immediately. Any genuine problems brought to our attention will be dealt with as quickly as is locally possible, if feasible. The single storey villas have a couple of steps inside them and gardens may have some slight drops or slopes. Several villas have staircases that can be steep. Telephone us and ask us as many questions as you want. If something is important to you, then do not assume it, but please ask us. Despite our efforts and advice given, it is ultimately your responsibility for the care and safety of the members of your group. If an accident does occur, please complete an Accident Report and give it to the house manager.

Third party suppliers

We do not accept any liability for the quality or type of services or goods provided by our third party suppliers, those whom we mention on our site or to whom we have linked our Site. It is for you to make your own judgment about the quality of such providers.

Dealing with complaints

Should you have a problem on your holiday, you must complete a report and give it to our house manager as soon as possible. We must be given an opportunity to resolve any issues brought to our attention and reasonable allowances should be made by you regarding the amount of time taken to rectify the problem. Compensation payments will only be considered where it is proven that any reported problem had a prolonged or major impact on the enjoyment of the holiday booked. It is unreasonable to take no action whilst on holiday, but then write a letter of complaint upon return. If you do not raise concerns immediately, this may affect our ability to investigate, take remedial action and it may impact on the way your complaint is dealt with. If a problem remains unresolved during your holiday you should make a complaint to Jayshin Resort within 14 days of the completion of your holiday. We will receive a report and reply to you within 28 days of receipt of your letter. We hope that we can settle any holiday complaints amicably, however, should this prove not to be the case, you may refer any dispute relating to this contract to an Arbitrator. The scheme provides for a simple inexpensive method of arbitration on documents alone, with restricted liability of the client in respect of costs. The scheme does not apply to claims which are solely or mainly in respect of physical injury or illness.

Website accuracy

The descriptions of accommodation have been compiled following personal inspection. We have attempted to describe the accommodation on offer, but due to the individuality of the properties, it is almost impossible to cover every detail pertaining to each one in a brochure description. Furthermore all of our properties are privately owned therefore furnishings and equipment may be replaced or updated as the owners think fit and this will not be reflected in a website picture. We have also tried to describe the location of the properties as accurately as possible. However, life goes on even if you are on holiday and the quiet location we may have described could suddenly become very noisy because of some circumstances beyond our control. We are not in a position to notify you of any specific festivals or events which may contribute to the noise. There may be occasions when an advertised facility is modified or not available. Such situations may be dictated by local circumstances, for example: for maintenance, unsuitable weather conditions, fuel shortages, reduced power supplies and other circumstances beyond our control. If we are advised of any of these we will of course notify you as soon as possible but we cannot be held liable in such circumstances. It is also important to note that some facilities, such as restaurants and common pools may not operate at all times in the season. We regret that we are unable to cover every eventuality in our website descriptions.

Telephone Internet access

Unless otherwise stated, telephones are not provided in our villas / apartments. Therefore we recommend that, if possible, clients take mobile phones in case of an emergency. Where the property has a telephone and a fault develops, it can sometimes take a long time to repair and does not form part of our contract with you. We do not offer compensation if a telephone or Internet connection is not working due to circumstances beyond our control.


Booking Your Holiday

At the time of booking, you, as lead booker, must complete the on-line booking form on behalf of yourself and all other persons on whose behalf the booking is made (including persons substituted or added by agreement) and pay a deposit of half of the total property rental. When you send the booking form you are confirming that you understand and have accepted our booking conditions. Should you later cancel, cancellation charges will become payable in accordance with paragraph 5. We allow three days from the receipt of your booking form for payment to reach us. If we do not receive it within this time, we will automatically release your reservation.

Paying For Your Holiday

After your booking is confirmed and a deposit received, a confirmation invoice will be sent to you giving you details of the accommodation booked, the dates and any additional items ordered. This booking confirmation is contract between Jayshin Resort and the person to whom it is addressed and is based on the understanding that you, on behalf of yourself and all the other persons on whose behalf the booking is made, have read and understood Our Terms of Business Essential Booking Information. A half payment (security deposit) is due not later than six weeks before departure. We reserve the right to cancel your holiday (invoke cancellation charges as detailed in paragraph 5 below) if payment is not received by the due date.

If you make a holiday booking within six weeks of your departure date then you must pay the half cost of the holiday at the booking stage.

Note: Rental rates are inclusive of all taxes.

Security Deposit

A Non - refundable security deposit (as per the size of the apartment / villa) is required before the time of check-in. This will be non -refunded as issuing credit note for a year which customer will get het within 7 working days on the given email Id. We reserve the right to retain the security deposit either in part or in full to cover damage, theft or breakages. This may also include additional cleaning costs for spills, stains, etc. Receipts for repairs / replacements will be provided in the unlikely event that such retention of the security deposit is required. We reserve the right to pursue a guest for recompense for any and all damages caused which may exceed the value of the security deposit and will require payment within 14 days of being served notice of this.

Failure to pay the security deposit by the due date may result in the cancellation of the booking forfeit of all monies.

Making Changes To Your Holiday

If you wish to change any details of your booking we will do our best to help, but give no guarantee in this regard. Any alterations after the final balance has been paid (6 weeks before departure) will not carry an alteration fees. All alterations should be notified by email/wats up by the person making the booking. Please make every effort to inform our Office if there are any last minute changes to your arrival arrangements. If you fail to do this, any additional costs will be charged locally.

Cancelling Your Holiday

Should you wish to cancel your booking once it has been accepted by us, we must receive written instructions from the person who made the booking to this effect. The cancellation will take effect from the day the written confirmation is received.

Cancellation Policy: - No refund against cancellation of bookings, Guest can prepone or postpone the dates or can take one year credit note for booking amount but money refund policy is not applicable.

Our Accommodation

The holiday accommodation is booked exclusively for the persons named on the booking form. No other persons may use the accommodation without our express permission. The apartments / villas are booked for normal holiday use. If in our opinion, accommodation manager or any other person in authority deems that you are behaving in such a way as to cause danger, distress or annoyance to others or damage property, your holiday arrangements may be terminated by either us or the supplier concerned. In this situation we will have no liability to you and will not be responsible for making any refund, paying any compensation or meeting any costs or expenses you incur as a result. Further, you must meet any expenses we incur as a result of your behaviour..


All breakages or damages to the accommodation must be reported immediately and these must be paid for locally before vacating the apartment / villa or deducted from your refundable security deposit. We also reserve the right to charge for damage or breakages not reported and found after departure.


Arrival and Departure Times

On arrival day, properties will be available from 12.00noon Please note that earlier arrivals may mean that your party has some waiting time before you can be taken to your apartment / villa. In this case your driver will be instructed to take you to a suitable location and remain there with you and your luggage.

We try to be flexible to accommodate individual arrival times but this cannot be guaranteed.
The latest check in time is 7.00 pm. unless by prior arrangement.
On departure day, clients must be ready to leave by 11am and allow us access to service the property from 10.00 am.


On arrival we are required by law to collect identification details from all guests and submit these to the Police, if required.

Indian Nationals

Please ensure that each member of the party brings photo identification proof and a photocopy of this (e.g. an ID card, Passport, Driving License, PAN card, etc)

Non - Indian Nationals

Please ensure that each member of the party carries their passport containing a current Indian visa and a photocopy of both the visa page and the personal detail page plus a passport size photograph.


We brief to customer/guest that the hazard and the risk involved about animal bites like dog, snakes, rats, scorpion etc .as also the use of swimming pool, rowing boat as also about sometimes the shortage of water, food and electricity. In case anything happens, Customer/Guest not hold JAYSHIN RESORT responsible. Customer/Guest occupying the premises at their risk as to costs and consequence.

Terms Of Use and Non disturbance to neighbours Policy